Organic enzyme?

Last Friday,  I wanted to have a NMT therapy on my spine and lower back by my good friend, Raymond Tay. After 10 days of assisting Bob Cooley’s hamstring resistant stretching on some his clients, my own back has been locked. My ham needs to be strung too.

After a 75mins of non stop ouch and OMG, I was given a home-made blueberry organic enzyme drink, and a short history of the powerful Japanese WW2 army with “honored ancient OE drink” . If it wasn’t for the AB, we will all be arigato now. There may be more than 200,000 centurians but not missing of course.

I am also greedy now for more time, given some convincing facts from RT, to detox my liver, cleanse my blood and of course to strengthen my kidney. It’s better than having to transplant.

So will the combination of east and west see the light and result in high performance of our humble body.. only time will tell.

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